Social Media Strategy

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Today I want to dive into Babolat’s use of social media.

Runs in our bloodNovember 7th, they launched their #TennisRunsInOurBlood campaign. Through this campaign they are asking people to have a passion for tennis to submit their photos on Babolat’s facebook, twitter or instagram pages for a chance to make the photo album.

So far pictures in this album include pictures of tennis courts, players with their tournament trophies and people playing tennis.

This campaign targets the recreational tennis players.

To this point, majority of the pictures submitted have been posted to their twitter page.

Master the powerAnother campaign they are currently using is the #MasterThePower, which launched on October 16th.

This campaign is focused on the release of the new Pure Drive Master the powerseries.

On October 16th, they posted a teaser picture that hinted at the release of the new racket series.

On October 29th, they tweeted a blurry picture of the new Pure Drive rackets, with the message, “unlock the image with 20 RTs. #MasterThePower”

BlurryThey posted two more pictures, each one reveling a little more of the racket every time until on November 1st, when they posted a picture of the racket fully in focus.

The four pictures of of the pure drive, combined for 391 retweets and 272 favorites.

Since the launch of the Pure Drive, they have been posting many promotional videos. These videos includes specifications of the racket, play tests and history of the Pure Drive series.

Overall, babolat is very active on all three social media platforms with a mixture of videos, pictures and text.

Currently most of the posts have been from Babolat themselves, but their new campaign #TennisRunsInOurBlood should increase their fans fans content creation and activity on the page.

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Selling Babolat

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Today I want to focus on the markingside of the Babolat company.

I played with a Babolat Pure Drive when I was in seventh grade until I was in tenth grade.

TRoddick Rackethe main reason that I bought a Babolat was because at that time Andy Roddick, who was number one in the world played with that racket, and I wanted to play like him.

Babolat still uses the likeness of current players,
mainly Roddick and Rafael Nadal. They focus on the playability of the racket and how they can be infused into different playing styles.

Roddick’s playing style is vastly different from Nadal. Roddick’s game is centered on his massive serve and big forehand.On the other spectrum, Nadal’s game focuses on his speed and athleticism to be a retriever and quickly switch from defensive to offense when the opportunity arises.

Nadal is clay court players, while Roddick is more successful on hard courts.

By using these vastly different players they are able to target a wide range of players showing that using the many different models that Babolat provides, one will be able to find that Babolat racket that will be suit their game.

Another major selling point for Babolat in the United States is that Roddick is the most recent number one ranked player from the United States, so his name has prestige. Although Nadal is not American, he is considered one of the greatest players of all-time in the game of tennis.

Babolat’s use of likeness is their most common advertising campaigns and it has propelled them to the top.

Has a player influence your choice of equipment? Babolat thinks it does.



History and Background of Babolat

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My blog will focus on the brand Babloat and its impact on tennis.

For those of you that don’t know, Babolat provides is one of the more popular tennis racket and equipment for professional and junior players.

Babolat originated in Lyons France in 1875.  It is the oldest company specializing in racket sports.

Babolat has equipment in more than 100 countries, 20,000 sporting good stores and 20,000 partner clubs (

Babolat’s emblem is double red lines. This is an easily identifiable on white, black or yellow frames and black or red strings.

Beyond tennis, Babolat offers products for badminton and paddle, these products include apparel, strings, rackets and accessories.

To name a couple of popular tennis players that use their equipment are Rafael Nadal, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Sam Stosur and Agniezka Radwanska.

In the badminton world, Valeriy Atrashchenkov, Jen Hao Hsu, Emilie Lennartsson and Carola Bott are popular names that use Babolat.

This brand is worthy of study to because of my passion for the sport of tennis. Babolat has had a massive impact on tennis and is a leading brand.

According to, Babolat’s reputation is built on “offering products at the forefront of technology and by supplying equipment to generations of champions who have won the prestigious competitions.”

Babolat’s values are communicated through their continuation of innovating the sport of tennis. Babolat began with the VS racket string, and have progress non-stop to produce breakthroughs on the market and to improve current products.

Performance is at the forefront of their objectives.

They review every product based on analysis of club and top professionals.

For example, their research has led them to see the importance of sideways and diagonal movements during tennis matches.

Overall, Babolat is dedicated to making improvements in order to improve the performance of their players.

Check back soon for more on Babolat.